Gynecology Fees

Fees for Self-Pay (Uninsured) Patients

At Women’s Health Clinic, Inc., we want you to be fully informed and confident about the services and fees of our gynecology center. We accept most credit cards and insurance policies. Insured patients, please call to find out our fees and your co-pay – if any. For more information about our services and fees, click here to contact us.

Self-Pay Gynecology Services

Self Pay Gynecology Services

Birth Control Consultation Includes Pelvic Exam, Thin Prep Pap Screening, Doctor Visit, Birth Control $160 -$250
Glucose Fasting $50
Hemoglobin A1c $50
Urine Culture $40
Other Tests Available, Please Call
Self Pay Gynecology Birth Control Services

Self Pay Gynecology Birth Control Services

Morning After Pill or Emergency Contraception (EC) Plan B It is now available over the counter at your pharmacy. Not Applicable
Depo-Provera Injection with Blood Test $210
Depo-Provera Injection $160
IUD Insertion (Call for details.) $200
Uncomplicated IUD Removal – Existing or New Patient $180

The gynecology center at Women’s Health Clinic, Inc. provides education, care, and treatment for women in the Washington D.C. metro area. At this time, our gynecology services are limited to PAP smears and birth control consultations.  If you require additional services, we are proud to recommend Regional Health Partners at (703) 691-4000.