Our Facility

About Our Facility

At Women’s Health Clinic, Inc., we have the largest and most spacious facility in the metropolitan area. The clinic is the best staffed and equipped with a focus on creating excellent outpatient surgical care.

At Women’s Health Clinic, Inc., you’ll find the following comforts and advantages:

  • Private and Spacious Facility
  • Private Consultation Areas
  • Multiple Well Equipped, Large Surgical Rooms
  • Multiple Sonogram Rooms
  • Blood and Urine Testing in Laboratory
  • Multiple Large Restrooms throughout the Facility for Patients
  • Comfortable Recovery Areas for you to lie down and relax
  • Separate Entrance and Exit to create more privacy

Whether you are visiting us for a consultation, blood test, or surgery, you will appreciate the extra steps that we have taken to provide you with privacy and comfort. In our consultation area, you will be able to speak privately with our doctors and staff. If you are waiting for surgery, you will not wait in the front lobby, we have a waiting room specifically for patients where you can relax and rest in medical grade recliners. Our recovery room is also arranged for your privacy and comfort with restrooms nearby.

Unlike most other clinics, our facility is spacious and designed for your comfort and care. We have even thought of the comfort of your designated driver. In a separate waiting room, designated drivers can comfortably watch the most recent movies or browse through the most current and popular magazines while they wait.