Top 10 Anti-Abortion Myths

By Tom Head, Guide

If you’ve been keeping up with the abortion debate in this country, you have no doubt heard some very interesting claims made by anti-abortion activists. Some of these claims need to be taken seriously, but others…well, not so much. In the spirit of raising the level of discourse, here are ten provably false claims that anti-abortion activists really need to stop repeating. 

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NAF, one of the most knowledgeable organizations, takes on myths about abortion.

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Four Abortion Myths Dispelled

By Dr. Suzanne Poppema, Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health
January 11, 2008 – 9:04am

For many years, I was an abortion provider. I owned and ran a clinic near Seattle, Washington, where I provided a range of reproductive healthcare-including abortions-to women, and I’ve remained active in organizations that support abortion providers across the United States. Over the years, I’ve heard many myths about abortion that are as pervasive as they are false. Four myths in particular never seem to go away, though any doctor who provides abortions can tell you they just aren’t true.

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Abortion myths

By Marlena Sobel

Marlena Sobel, a recent graduate of Suffolk Law School in Boston, was an intern at the Institute for First Amendment Studies last summer.  © 1998 Institute for First Amendment Studies, Inc.

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